Friday, March 18, 2011

One way to help the JVP'ers at Brandeis

The other day I wrote some of my thoughts about the situation at Brandeis Hillel and their rejection of the JVP chapter there.  The group is getting ready for a petition drive and meanwhile they’ve asked that people write letters supporting them and criticizing Hillel’s decision. The three best people to write to are Larry Sternberg, Brandeis Hillel’s executive director, Andrea Wexler the president of their student board and Wayne L. Firestone the president of the national/global Hillel.

You can write to both Sternberg and Wexler at:
Brandeis Hillel
415 South St.
Waltham, MA 02453
or e-mail Sternberg at or the Hillel phone: 781-738-7777
Wexler can be e-mailed by going to the Brandeis Hillel web page and clicking on “contact us”

Firestone is at the world headquarters at
            800 8th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20001
or through his e-mail: or phone # 202-449-6560
If you go to the Hillel web site you might want to go to the page with their guidelines – they have some lovely language about pluralism and inclusiveness – and then there’s Israel!

And the JVP folks remind me that letters to the editor are particularly helpful, especially to the Brandeis newspaper, The Justice which you can easily do here.

Let’s fill all their boxes with lots of mail – and, if you're a Brandeis alum your letter would be particularly compelling.

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  1. Thanks for giving this vital info, Marty. I'm going to start composing my angry emails to these folks later tonight. How is it that educated Jews who are "liberal" in so many ways, can be so blinded by Israeli propaganda. Time for everyone to get their heads out of the sand and start looking at the situation as people with "human values" not just "Jewish Values". Kathy Felgran